We are opening doors to a keyless world
for creating new business opportunities.

WE Create Mobile access solutions


Whether renting homes or offices, sharing cars or bikes, offering services or just borrowing goods, the Bitwards Access Platform allows converting spaces and physical devices requiring user access into a highly scalable and cost-efficient global service.



Bitwards Access Platform™ creates new business opportunities for companies, communities and individuals to monetize services that previously have been impossible to share or control remotely.



Conventional access management solutions are designed keeping security in mind, but they sacrifice on convenience and cost.

Distributing physical keys, managing varying persons and access rights to multiple assets not to mention with varying schedules, sets overwhelming challenges for these systems.

Single platform to mobilize all your assets

The Bitwards Access Platform offers single, cost-efficient and a highly scalable solution for sharing to access to your end-users for any asset – securely without sacrificing convenience.

Cut investment costs DRASTICALLY
  • No networking or cabling costs – All resources work off-line
  • Save costly integrations by using a single point of integration
  • Modern REST API offers fast and easy integration.
We digitalize physical keys
  • Your mobile device becomes your digital key ring
  • Share access rights for anyone, anywhere at any time
  • Revoke access at any time
  • Stay in control of who is using the assets and review full access report
Bitwards access platform
  • The Bitwards Access Platform is available as:
  • Fast and easy online service
  • Branded online service with your own brand
  • Platform as a Service
Ecosystem for all hardware manufacturers
  • Expanding ecosystem and solutions for multiple applications
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Supports also battery operated products
Single app for multiple applications
  • A single mobile app combines the access rights for all your assets
  • White labeled apps allow to display your own brand and look & feel
  • The app SDK offers an easy way to integrate the functionality to your own custom app
  • Supports iOS and Android platforms

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