Access Sharing

Access granted. It's time to leverage the digital era.

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what is access sharing?

Access sharing is remotely shared access and usage possibility to a wanted destination or asset. Practically it means that the host or owner no longer needs to be present if someone important wishes to use their assets. Usage possibility can be shared via mobile straight to their smartphones so the inconvenience of key sharing is history.

This means that physical access tools, like keys or keycards, are no longer needed. It saves people from the inconvenience of sharing these tools, over and over again.

We also support sustainability goals because manufacturing of access tools has become redundant while natural resources are being spared.

secure and convenient

Think about handing keys to a friend. You both need to be present with aligned schedules.

With Bitwards Access Platform, you can securely share access rights to desired assets remotely and define them as accurately as you wish. Even access rights of couple minutes can be distributed, may it be a friend or janitor that needs to have access. This goes both ways, defining longer access right periods for your kids or your spouse to your house is a walk in the park.

Innovation should bring convenience. Installation is quick which spares you from massive operations that cost a lot of resources and consume a lot of time.  


1. create an account
2. Install resource
3. download app and sign in
4. Click & go
5. access granted.



Some of our cases



The City of Kauniainen is at the forefront of digitalization. Their new initiative “Hela Grani” is built around a digital strategy that emphasizes learning, creativity and new learning models that enhance the quality of living.

CoSpace Finland

The CoSpace co-working facility is located in the beautiful old town of Porvoo. The facility is a beautifully restored historic building with a mix of traditional handcrafting and modern technology.

City of Lohja

The City of Lohja offers an innovative and affordable environment for businesses and students alike. A good example of the Bitwards Access solution is the Oinola comprehensive school campus which now is also being used by the many associations in the vicinity.