Mobile Access

Universal solution for digitalising any door to smartphone accesible.

Mobile access for all spaces


In short, your keys are now on your phone. They can be used to access any space or open any lock, cabinet or device. All with a single mobile app. These digital keys are managed in a secure cloud-service that allows them to be shared directly to your colleagues, workers, customers, and friends. 

we allow seamless access

Conventional locks and keys do not match today’s evolving business environment.

Administrating keys and managing users’ access to multiple locations is becoming overwhelming in today’s dynamic environment. 

  • Physical keys need to be manually delivered and stored
  • Re-keying is expensive
  • Key handling is time-consuming
  • Lost keys are a security risk
  • Management and keeping track of keys is difficult
  • One key does not fit all doors in different environments

Until now the world has not seen an elegant solution for solving these problems. But now it’s possible…

… with a universal solution 

The cloud-based access platform combines locks and other smart devices from multiple manufacturers allowing customers to easily digitalise any kind of door and manage end-users access to desired spaces and assets. 

Now there is a solution to connect all these into a single platform and solve endless amount of applications.

HOW the solution WORKS?


End-users’ phones communicate with locks using Bluetooth or NFC. A single mobile app is used to access multiple assets like doors, gates, cabinets, lockers, and readers, etc. This opens up the possibility of touchless access in times of global hygienic concerns.

Assets are digitalized by adding a digital device – adapter or controller – in connection to the existing lock. You may choose the most suitable device for any door type from our partners. The devices require no wiring or network and are quick to install.

Access rights can be shared securely to any person, anywhere. They are managed in the Bitwards Cloud Service from which they are delivered to the desired users’ smartphones. The access rights can be valid from minutes to days or months and may be revoked at any time – even when smartphones are offline!

View system diagram below.

Service OWRV-20