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Our solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications that can work in parallel with existing locks and systems.


Optimising the use of your space means offering access to your customers at any given time. But how to achieve that? Bitwards technology allows scalable regulated access to any space or room. With a quick and easy installation, the system works on any door and extends to multiple application areas, such as locks, cabinets, elevators and gates.

With a single app, we guarantee secure access control through a whole building, a smart key allowing ease of access to all facilities. You will create more flexible workspaces and meeting rooms, increase the possibilities for collaboration, and provide your customers with more freedom of movement. Our technology works in parallel with any existing access control system, and you can integrate it into multiple reservation systems for automated meeting room management.



Many public buildings are underused, mainly because it is challenging to share access with outsiders. After regular closing hours, schools, office buildings, or warehouses are closed but could instead be used for children’s extracurricular activities, sports or events. 

Bitwards solution allows regulated access to any facility. As the administrator, you can control who enters the building and allocate time slots for external visitors. For example, you can integrate our solution to the municipality booking system to reserve a gym hall or an inner courtyard. Visitors can come and go by simply utilising the Bitward app on their phones. There is no need to hand out keys or to return them. 



It might be challenging to physically handle access cards or keys to your clients; maybe you are not living in the same area or have multiple homes, apartments, or hotels scattered in different locations. So how do you deliver the keys, and how do you make sure to get them back?

With our Smart Key Platform, you can regulate access remotely to home or room rentals, boutique hotels, conference and event spaces. Our platform allows accommodating the needs of long-staying guests as well as day guests. You can integrate our mobile access solution into any PMS (Property Management System). Our technology allows your clients to check-in in advance and enables them to receive their room keys on their mobile phones beforehand. In addition to that, you can improve your clients’ experience by integrating the mobile keys into your loyalty app. 

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Today, a growing trend is for people to rent a hot desk for a day, but where can they store their belongings? How to deal with complex key management in open office settings? How can customers freely and easily access lockers to store their belongings safely? 

Bitwards offers flexible locker management solutions that work with a mobile phone. There are two ways to reserve your locker: contacting the administrator and booking your dedicated locker for a prolonged time or looking up in the booking management system for a free locker and secure it as you go, even for just a short time. This system allows your clients to store their belongings hassle-free and you to avoid key management issues, such as replacing a lost access card or a key to a locker.



The eternal predicament of the ‘disappearing house keys’ can become a burden in a residential building. Replacing lost key-cards or traditional keys is expensive and time-consuming. Also, allowing access for service staff can be complicated, as time and place have to be agreed upon, and someone has to be there physically to open a gate or a door. 

Bitwards has a single service that solves all residential building access problems, a flexible solution that allows different management levels to supervise access to the building. The flow can be optimised based on the needs of the administration. 

Tenants can also independently manage their access rights to their apartment and shared doors and facilities, such as gates, gyms, elevators and waste stations.

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In any industrial setting, equipment and machines are expensive and operating them demands a specific skill set. It may be challenging to know who is running them without the possibility to log users. It would help if you were sure that only competent users are authorised to use them, so you could make sure they comply with your production process. 

Bitwards has the knowledge and capabilities to address those needs. We have controllers that we can add to existing machines for regulating access. We can integrate our system for automated authorisations into your production chain so that only competent users will be allowed to use the equipment at any given time and event. Our solution will, of course, prevent misuse or additional repair costs.


Hanko condominium
Hanko condominium

The condominium is the first in Finland to use the revolutionary mobile access system app created by Bitwards.

Hotel Tikkurila
Hotel Tikkurila

The hotel offers easy access and fast registration through the Bitwards app that customers can download on their smartphones and subsequently check-in and receive a smart key to their room via the app.

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