The Company

We change the world by connecting businesses, services
and individuals to an ecosystem of shared economy.

Our Mission


We are opening doors to a keyless world. Our goal is to make accessing and access management simple, cost-efficient and enjoyable.

By removing barriers and silos that separate existing access management systems, we built a platform that serves multiple markets, applications, solutions, and products.

Our mobile technologies and solutions disrupt conventional access services and business models and offer new, modern and scalable solutions for creating new businesses and services for everyday convenience and performance.

About Us

Bitwards is a Finnish high tech company founded in 2016 and fully owned by it’s four core team members.

The roots of the technology and platform extend back to 2014 when the former Access Control Systems company Flexim Security initiated a Mobile Access related technology project. Flexim Security was acquired by the AssaAbloy group in 2016 and the technology and solutions were acquired by the core team to form Bitwards. Since then the solution has developed into a unique and highly scalable global access platform that serves customers across multiple vertical business areas.

The company head office is in Helsinki, Finland with a growing team of talents with various backgrounds and colourful personalities that serve customers around the globe.



Eljas Saastamoinen


The future is created today – listen to your kids and you’ll be one step closer to the future!
The foundation stones of Bitwards actually lay behind the frustrated words of my 8 year old son: “Dad, is there any way of opening the door with an app”- expressing his frustration while searching for his keys to the garage to fetch a bike.

Niklas Kaustinen


Technology provides the tools to solve problems but vision and knowledge help to avoid them.
Having been involved in the development of Bitwards from the very beginning, my main contribution to our talented and passionate team is to focus on solving the right problems first.

Our People


We like to challenge the status quo and continuously pursue new disruptive methods to improve established and customary habits that impact our everyday lives and businesses in today’s global environment. From experience, we also understand that this leap requires passion, guts, commitment, and skills. This is what we also demand from our team members. Finding talented team members and boundary-breaking ideas stay high on our priority list.


if you are interested in joining our team, briefly introduce yourself in the form below and we’ll be in touch.



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FI-00330 Helsinki, FINLAND


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