Mobile ID

Your Phone is Your Smart Card

mobile identification

extend your existing system with mobile identifiction

Bitwards Mobile Identification Service offers a simple, secure and a cost-effective solution for allowing your customers and end-users use their mobile phones for authenticating in to your existing physical access system.

The service distributes the Mobile ID’s to users’ mobile devices for authentication to various physical access control or ticketing systems.


The Mobile ID Service offers high security and privacy without sacrificing simplicity, scalability and ease-of-use. All communication and data are encrypted and stored with high security standards and the customer has full control over the issued credentials.

Higher security requirements, custom implementations of private cloud environments, high-security cloud storages and trusted-execution environments can be also implemented.

How THE Mobile id
Service Works

Mobile ID’s are credentials that are used as an alternative for physical smart cards in a Physical Access Control System. The ID’s are generated in the Bitwards Service and are transferred to users’ mobile phones.
The Mobile ID’s are authenticated by an Access Control Reader which further delivers the authenticated ID’s to an access controller. The access controller then makes the decision on granting access and on further actions.

View system diagram below.