Bitwards and Asio streamline space reservation with mobile access.

Let's update space reservation systems.

Asio’s reservation systems will incorporate Bitwards’ access functionality. Now their customers can access spaces using mobile phones, after having completed a reservation in the Asio reservation system, removing the need to separately pick up keys or liaise with a separate person to gain access to the reserved space.

Access rights to the specific space are transferred directly to user’s mobile phone when a person makes a reservation through the Asio system which streamlines and simplifies the use of shared spaces and utilities and eliminates physical key management and administration.

Asio starts to deliver the new functionality for their customers this autumn.  

Now sports teams using sports arenas and spaces can directly offer access rights to their members for specific training times and locations. This also helps to manage and supervise the space and equipment and increase security. 

The solution can also be used for residential buildings and apartments for making reservations to laundry rooms, gyms, saunas or other shared spaces. The access rights are transferred to residents’ mobile phones. This eliminates the problems with unwanted or overlapping uses or aforementioned losing the keys to these shared spaces. 

simplifies the use of shared spaces and utilities and eliminates physical key management and administration.

With 30 years of experience Asio-Data delivers reservation software and web-based reservations services for multiple markets and applications including educational institutes, cities, facility management, sports arenas and teams, restaurants, culture-, and education centers, business parks, housing services, parking halls, event coordinators and other space reservation organizations. All these hold reservable resources ranging from spaces, rooms and utilities to people and training events.

Asio clients describe their systems being easy to use and trustworthy. Customer service experiences are said to be genuinely helpful. Installation and implementation of the system is light and quick. Many clients also say that Asio’s systems have helped them in planning their processes and managing schedules more efficiently.

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