Bitwards provides easy access to a new parking garage

A driver opening the garage door with the Bitwards mobile app

Bitwards has provided the new parking garage Mahtinokka with its digital access system. The doors to the garage open just by clicking on the Bitwards mobile app, making physical keys and remote controls a thing from the past. Access rights are granted or erased thanks to the Bitwards mobile solution.

The parking garage Mahtinokka is located in a condominium that opened in August 2021 in Matinkylä, in Espoo. The building company planned for a two-storey high, 200 parking spots garage that could be easily accessible. The company purchased four electric locks from Arvolukko and integrated them with the digital Bitwards access system.

Users can now access the premises by clicking on the Bitwards mobile app or by entering a PIN code on the panel located next to the doors. Keys and remote controls are not necessary anymore.

A smooth user experience

Mauri Mononen and Pirjo Suhonen have two parking spots in Mahtinokka. Mononen uses his car daily while Suhonen leaves the car parked for longer times as she uses it only a few times a month. They both agree that the Bitwards system works flawlessly. There is no need to step out of the car, just one click on the Bitwards mobile app while the car nears the gates making the journey fast and effortless.

“I have used Bitwards for three weeks. The use of the app is easy, and I don’t need codes or keys anymore. I always have my phone on me, so the access is smooth now”, Mononen says.

Access rights granted. Fast.

Bitwards has also been praised by Sannamari Isosomppi, who works for the maintenance unit and is one of Mahtinokka’s Bitwards mobile access system’s administrators. She grants access and offers support to the end-users. “I created a user group to which I have added the end-users of the garage. The online service is straightforward to learn and user friendly”, says Isosomppi.

The condominium residents can rent the parking spots with a monthly contract. Isosomppi says the Bitwards mobile access solution has a lot of advantages, especially when it comes to turnover. Access rights are granted electronically in real-time without meeting the end-users. “Residents do not need to come and pick up or leave their keys. They just have to download the Bitwards mobile app, register as users; then I provide them with the access rights online. If the contract comes to an end, I just have to revoke the access rights of the resident from the group”, Isosomppi clarifies.

Isosomppi believes the Bitwards service has simplified her job dramatically. In terms of support, she says Bitwards has promptly answered all her questions either by email or phone.

Advantages of the Bitwards solution

  • A single mobile app allows access. No need for keys or remote controls.
  • No internet connection is needed.
  • Both mechanic and electric locks can be digitalised with the Bitwards mobile access solution.
  • Real-time administration of access rights with the easy to use Bitwards cloud-based system.
  • Competitive investment, easy to install. No wiring is required.
  • Security tested.
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