Federation of Tampere Evangelical Lutheran Parishes selects Bitwards Mobile Access Platform

A single mobile App replaces key cards and mechanical keys

The Federation of Tampere Ev.L. Parishes has multiple beautiful churches and facilities around the city area of Tampere.

The facilities ranging from offices and meeting rooms to convention, conference and camping centres include many access points such as doors, cabinets, carage doors, and even pad locks that have been previously accessed by using various key cards and mechanical keys making the sharing and use of these resources difficult and time consuming.

Now the access to these resources can all be managed in a single web service and the end-users can use a single application to access any desired space, cabinet or even a rowing boat.

No more distributing and handing out of keys, no more frustrating situations of forgotten or lost keys…

Now people from different parishes can access specific conference rooms or cabins and store items and personal stuff in cabinets, for example, by sharing access rights only for the desired persons, may they be part of the Parish or customers.

Sharing and using resources has now become more effective, easier, faster, cheaper and more fun!

The Parishes decided to improve the management and increase the use of the meeting and conference rooms, cabins, and cabinets by bitwarding them with smart cabinet locks, smart door handles, digital door controllers and pin pad readers across the facilities.

No more distributing and handing out of keys, no more frustrating situations of forgotten or lost keys — all works through a single phone app.

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