PS Locks Joins Bitwards Ecosystem

Ecosystem of Resources

The Austrian manufacturer of cabinet locks has joined the Bitwards ecosystem.

By joining the ecosystem, the PS Locks products will be available for customers using the Bitwards Access Platform and they can share access to the PS Locks products enrolled to their account.

We are extremely happy to have PS Locks onboard and look forward to numerous solutions that PS Locks products can offer.


For more information on the PS Locks products please contact Bitwards sales or Mr. Günther Sutterlüty, General Manager – PS Locks

… We look forward to numerous solutions that PS Locks products can offer

About PS Locks

PS GmbH develops and produces electronic locking devices in Austria.

Depending on the customer needs, the locks are working with RFID, Bluetooth or with simple electrical power.

The modern production facilities are located in Egg, Austria offering PS the flexibility to produce bespoke, customized products for our clients, alongside their range of standard products.

With ISO 9001 certification and a 5-year warranty, we can guarantee long term, consistent operation.

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