Smart locks bring your property into a new era

Smart locks facilitate access both into homes and commercial properties. Smart lock solutions can fit doors and anything else that requires a safe locking system, such as garages, gates, boats, cottages, and even bike locks.

Bitwards’ smart locking solutions consist of one or more smart locks and a remote management system whose administrator can grant or remove access rights. The locks open with a smartphone app through which the administrator grants or revokes users’ access rights.

In commercial properties, access rights can be granted to determinate user groups and can effortlessly be withdrawn if, for example, a tenancy agreement comes to an end. Access rights can also be given just for a limited period, for instance, to maintenance crews or guests. 

At home, access can be granted, for example, to babysitters or cleaning services.


Your keys are always with you

Bitwards’ platform transforms users’ smartphones into smart keys and allows them to share access rights in real-time. Access rights are managed through a safe and user-friendly cloud service. There is no need to replace existing locks. Bitwards adds smart components to digitalise them, such as a door handle, a digital key cylinder, an adapter on the inside of the door, or a separate electric lock controller. It takes only a few minutes after installation for a smart lock to be operational. If the client requires it, it is even possible to continue to use traditional keys alongside.   

In commercial properties, smart locks combined with Bitwards access control systems replace fixed access control units. Bitwards allows to remotely grant access to different user groups, at different times, without handling physical keys or key cards. There is no need to hand out or retrieve keys in the new era. Access rights are sent for a long or short-term period to the app on the smartphone. A new user simply has to download the Bitwards app, and they are ready to go. 

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A driver opening the garage door with Bitwards mobile app

A driver is opening the garage door with the Bitwards mobile app (Mahtinokka, Espoo).

One platform allows controlling of an infinite number of accesses

The system is cost-effective and easy to install as it does not require wiring. Through Bitwards’ access management system, it is possible to determine who has the right to access a specific door and when it happened. Access rights can be given to infinite users from the same platform to an endless number of locations. 

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Spacehub working space

Spacehub uses Bitwards’ smart lock technology to enable access in the working spaces on demand.

Booking systems of gyms or meeting rooms can also benefit from Bitwards’ access management system. The automated process ensures a smooth experience for the end customer by predetermining different levels or itineraries for the end users. Thus, for example, everyone can access the main entrance but might be allowed to access only a specific area or room. 

Bitwards is not a lock manufacturer but relies on expert hardware manufacturers and incorporates its smart technology into the devices. The device manufacturers install the locks, and Bitwards activates the cloud service that opens the platform for the account admins. After that, the system is ready to work!

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Flexible, easy to use, and safe locking system

  • It is cost-effective as no physical access control cards are needed.
  • It suits both residential and commercial properties, and the account admin can be the owner of a building or the estate manager.
  • It’s based on the same technology as mobile pay.


Original text: Kati Halonen; Translation: Katariina Benedetti

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