Workery+. Efficiency, hybrid working and social interactions: the future of work life is here.


In 2021, the most prominent Finnish development and construction company YIT opened Workery+ Vallila as part of YIT’s Smart Building concept. Workery+ Vallila immediately won awards, such as the Smartest Building 2021 Award, because it is “an example of smart infrastructure perfectly integrating the full potential of a real estate building with today’s world needs.

” Workery+’s three floors are in a six-floor building from the 1920s’ of which the other three host traditional office space. Workery+ business premises offer conference, meeting rooms and services that are the extension of conventional office space. 


A need for more efficient use of business facilities

Thanks to the long history in commercial building construction, YIT saw that work-life was changing. There was a need for investors and builders to use business facilities more efficiently. While the Corona pandemic forced everyone to rethink their professional life, the signs of a disruptive way of working were already there before:

“Certainly the Corona pandemic accelerated the speed by which real estate developments had to come up with innovative and smart ways to use office space, but coworking spaces and meeting rooms outside the traditional office had started to surface already”, says Juha-Matti Virkkula, responsible for digital construction solutions at YIT.

“We had in mind to create something truly innovative, new and amazing. I was part of the team thinking about what digital solutions we could use to fulfill the smart building concept, and how to use technology to our advantage. The great thing is that we have many great companies in Finland that we can collaborate with, professional and knowledgeable”.

Workery+ Vallila business premises offer conference, meeting rooms and other services in Helsinki. Photo: YIT Workery+

Bitwards solution granting access to the smart office

Workery+ was looking for an ‘all-in-one’ application that clients could use to access the building and its services. The remodeled building had locks from Stanley, which uses the Bitwards smart mobile access solution. YIT viewed the Bitwards app and its features as the one suiting their needs.

“We wanted our clients to use the app to move freely in the building, to come in by opening the main door independently, to access the meeting rooms easily. It had to be a functional, and efficient app to allow access to our clients, wherever they needed to be.”

The Bitwards smart mobile access solution was the answer to what Workery+ was looking for. Now it is integrated into the W+, the app at Workery+ covering all the business needs of their clientele. For instance, W+ allows the timely booking of meeting rooms or coworking spaces, information about social events in the building, or lunch menus. 

Bitwards’ mobile access platform is integrated into the W+, the Workery+ mobile application. Photo: YIT Workery+

Future of coworking spaces in the making

Bitwards offers an innovative way to access business facilities. Hundreds of people access Workery+ smart office safely and securely daily, promoting better working conditions by optimising the use of coworking space, as hybrid work will be the way for the future.

Companies do not need to rent huge offices and absorb exorbitant rental costs, and coworking spaces allow even small companies to be able to start up their businesses. Smart technology allows to serve better all stakeholders involved, be it building administrators, builders, investors, and ultimately, clients.

“Clients can constantly give us feedback on what features could be useful and how they can optimise the time they spend at work, leaving time for social interaction, which we consider very important and at Workery+ we organise internal events to that end as well. The features of the app now are in response to that ever-developing information we gather. It’s like a living lab, as the data we gather serves us to further develop the real estate sector”, concludes Juha-Matti.


Customer Need
To optimise the use of the space of the business premises with free and independent access application for the customers.

Construction, Real estate, Hybrid work

Bitwards Solution
Safe and secure mobile access for the customers through API integration with the hybrid workplace service solution

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Stay tuned!

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Stay tuned!

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