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solutions for any application

The Bitwards Ecosystem offers a growing number of access solutions for a broad range of applications in different markets.

Our main focus is on building and maintaining a network of partners that offer smart, innovative and high-quality products that can solve various access problems and business challenges for our customers. Should your customers need something specific, let us know and we will look for a suitable solution among the partners of our ecosystem.

accelerate the sales of your products

Bitwards Access Platform offers numerous opportunities and applications to introduce your products to our customers around the world. We make sure your products are showcased to the customers and resellers of the Bitwards Access Platform and help you accelerate the sales of your products.

did you know that becoming an ecosystem partner is free?

To help you reduce the time to market and boost the sales of your product, joining the Ecosystem is fast, easy and free.

The Bitwards technology is quick and easy to integrate into any product or electronic device equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy or NFC technology without the need for hardware modifications. We help you integrate the technology by providing full documentation, examples and of course the technology – all for free.

Alternatively, you can also let our engineers make the integration for you. To learn more about how to get your products exhibited in our Ecosystem, please contact us.

how do you bitward devices?

The number of compatible devices with our Bitwards Access Platform is growing. When our partners implement our technology into their devices and machinery, their customers can immediately start utilizing our combined convenience. We call this bitwarding.

We have packaged our technology into a small software library, which is easy to integrate into various devices with BLE or NFC technology. The installation and commissioning process of a bitwarded device is quick and simple. The devices can be delivered to the customer as off-the-shelf products and enrolled to the customer’s Bitwards Access Platform account in a minute with a mobile app. Once configured, the customer can start sharing access to its end-users.

The Bitwards Application Library is a software application which can be installed to various electronic devices equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy or NFC technology and that enables easy and secure sharing of temporary as well as long term access rights for end-users mobile devices.

It serves as the main component that authenticates the access tokens delivered from users’ mobile devices and commands the device to grant access to the user accordingly.

The Library interacts with the device Firmware via an API and defined callbacks. Electronic devices are usually integrated or form a part of a larger system such as a door lock or a complete door, room or space, bicycle or vehicle, etc. which we refer to as Resources.

To enable sharing of access rights to users without limitations, the mobile devices must be able to connect with the device without former connections or pairing between the mobile device and the resource. This feature is in-built in the nature of the NFC protocol and in resources using Bluetooth Low Energy, the connection is made in the Advertising layer of the communication protocol, requiring no previous connections between the mobile device and resource.

The Library is supplied in a binary format matching the corresponding’s Resource microprocessor architecture. The Library size is small ranging usually between 15-20 kbytes only.

Fill this form only if you wish to acquire information considering bitwarding devices. If you wish to know about becoming an ecosystem partner, please return to the former section. Thank you!

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