Serene and carefree living in Hanko, Finland

A condominium in Hanko, the sunniest city of Finland, will be the first to install a locking system that converts smartphones into keys. Developers considered solving the eternal problem of managing keys. They wanted to find a way to comfortably and safely allow access to various people, as the newly-built condominium will primarily serve short or long-term renters. 

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For the original text in Finnish, refer to:  Rakennuslehti 16.4.2021, an article by Johanna Aatsalo.
For the complete translation, look in our news section the article by Katariina Benedetti.
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First in Finland

This condominium is the first in Finland to use the revolutionary mobile access system app created by Bitwards. The app allows residents to move through different areas in the building freely and permits the owners to grant access, for example, to renters or cleaning crews. The entry can be programmed and expires automatically.   

“I believe this is exactly the solution that supports apartment rental needs of which there is strong demand at the moment. Thanks to the application, there is no need to rush to get a set of keys on time from somewhere”, says Ian Eric Wadén from the housing cooperative Hangon Liiketalo. 


How does the system work?

The locks do not require an internet connection to function. They are easy to install, and there are no information security risks. There is not even the need for wires. An encrypted token, which is different every time, is exchanged between a smartphone and the lock and works as the opening code. Phone and lock connect via Bluetooth, so as the phone and the server on the cloud. The lock itself is, therefore, never connecting to the web and remains very safe. 

The mobile key is a code that apartment owners can send to the phone of renters. According to the specifications given by the resident, the mobile key works for the duration of a holiday period. As the system works offline, there is no need to worry about inadequate mobile network coverage, for example, in underground parking or isolated areas.  

If the smartphone’s battery is empty, it is impossible to use the phone to access doors. However, the smart system can provide a code to another smartphone; the user needs to log in with his/her credentials. 


Isn’t it incredible how much easier life can be when using Bitwards technology? Read also how Bitwards smart access solution has served public facilities and the hospitality business by equipping their doors and locks.

Hanko condominium
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