Hotel Tikkurila

Cost-efficient and secure option for the hospitality business

Hotel Tikkurila, a hotel in the Helsinki metropolitan area, is a popular choice among sports teams due to its location, close to football fields and bowling alleys, indoor swimming pool centre, the ice rink, and tennis courts, to name a few. The hotel was looking to automate check-in and room access for their customers allowing for more flexibility for the hotel management, especially in light of the recent restrictions due to the pandemic. 

Hotel Tikkurila found out about Bitwards smart mobile access solution and decided to implement it. The hotel now offers easy access and fast registration through the Bitwards app that customers can download on their smartphones and subsequently check-in and receive a smart key to their room via the app. How? Through the use of Exma Duo smart lock adapters communicating with the customers’ phones via Bluetooth. So yes, the client can access their rooms even if there is no network coverage. 

The solution is cost-efficient, as there was no need to modify the existing locks, and traditional parallel keys could also still be used. The Bitwards mobile access solution is also more secure and easier to manage with the Bitwards service support. 

phone in front of hotel door
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