The cloud service for ultimate access management.

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Bitwards mobile application


Transform conventional spaces and devices into the smartphone accessible with digital keys.


Extend your physical access control system with mobile authentication in addition to existing smart cards.

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The true power of our solution comes from our cloud service. Digital keys will be sent from there to end-users. It’s simple to use from your computer or mobile device, so you can stay in control at all times. It offers easy administration for multiple roles ranging from the needs of individual homeowners to large corporations. Whether your user count is in hundreds or just a couple, we provide the possibility to handle it.

manage all locations in a single view

It doesn’t matter how many locations you manage or own, it’s easy to navigate between them.

specific Digital keys by the minute

Define digital keys from minutes to years with your preferred schedule for individual doors or combine multiple resources with the same rights.

leverage the power of regional administration

Stay in control of your admins. Define regions and regional admins that allow you to delegate the management of various locations.

assign digital keys simultaneously to group members

Streamline your access management by assigning users to groups and have them adopt the rights of the group automatically.

stay in control of your locks and doors

View access logs, battery statuses, and other critical information of all resources in your account. Monitor the health of your system.

Stay on track of your users

Easily manage users and their access rights from single to multiple doors independently or assign them to groups for automated access rights distribution.

Combine with mobile credentials

Connect the service to an access control system and allow your users to use their mobile phone as a Mobile ID to authenticate in access controlled doors.

Platform service roles

  • Manage their customer’s accounts
  • Invite account admins to the account
  • Setup locations
  • Create resource installation tickets
  • Manage own integrators/installers
  • Manage own product portfolio

Account Admins can manage:

  • Resources (locks)
  • Locations e.g. buildings
  • Manage, invite, blacklist and delete users
  • Define digital keys
  • Manage and add users into groups
  • Manage and invite new Regional Admins
  • Define regions and manage locations across the regions

Regional Admin can manage several locations (set by Account Admin).

  • Resources (locks)
  • Locations e.g. buildings
  • Add, manage, invite and delete users
  • Define digital keys
  • Manage groups

Multi-Account admin is a trusted external service provider that performs administration on behalf of a customer:

  • Bitwards registers the organization to act as Multi-Account Admin based on a Customers request.
  • The Multi-Account Admin has the same rights as the Account Admin.

Integration / installation partner for installation of products to Customer Accounts

Uses the mobile application to:

  • See all locations and access points (resources) which they have access to
  • See locations on a map
  • View resource information
  • Access the resources
  • View personal access history
  • Edit personal information
  • Reset own password

Core Benefits

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one app for all situations

Open different doors, gates, and locks with a single smartphone app.

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Low cost and fast to install — no wires, no network requirements.

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Choose the best lock or device for any situation.

platform role assignment


The platform offers multiple levels of service and roles for different service providers.

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Connect existing systems with an API to combine the best of both worlds.

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