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The Revolutionary Platform for Managing Access to All Your Assets


Convert your conventional assets into smart services
with the Bitwards mobile access sharing service.



Extend your physical access control system with mobile
authentication in addition to existing smart cards.


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The Bitwards Access

mobilize your assets

Bitwards Access Platform offers a wide variety of solutions for physical access needs in various business areas and markets.

The Platform offers a single place for managing and sharing access to all kinds of physical assets ranging from doors, offices, co-working, storages, parking, bikes, cars, charging, etc. – you name it! Mobile phone turns into a digital key chain allowing your customers and end-users to obtain access to all the desired assets by using a single mobile app.

from conventional to bitwarded

You can easily convert your existing assets into shareable smart assets by Bitwarding them with a suitable resource such as a lock, controller or other device offered by the growing number of manufacturers in the Bitwards ecosystem. Bitwarded devices require no Internet access and can be used offline. This lowers installation, investment, and maintenance costs and offers a very fast start of the service.

Bitwards Access Platform offers the freedom of choosing the best solutions and products avoiding unnecessary hassle and costly integrations of multiple proprietary systems while offering your users a superb user experience. 

Service Models

The Bitwards Access Platform is available in three different forms adapting to various project schedules and requirements. The service models range from an easy and immediate service on-boarding to deep integration using your own brand and custom mobile applications.

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Asset 4@3x


Asset 5@3x


Asset 6@3x

For immediate start and quick on-boarding. Free Apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For customers who require their own brand for the mobile Apps and Web interface. REST API’s and mobile SDK’s are also available for customised solutions.

For large customers and system integrators requiring proprietary control and deep integration with specific access systems while leveraging all products and solutions of the Platform.



The Bitwards platform allows you to create a mobile access solution by removing the need to distribute and manage physical keys. The access can be shared via mobile instantly and securely to any person, anywhere.

The access rights are managed in the Bitwards Cloud Service from which they are automatically shared to the desired users’ mobile devices.

The end users use a single app for accessing multiple assets. The access rights can range from minutes to days or months and may be revoked at any time – even when the mobile devices are offline!



Bitwards is an expanding ecosystem of manufacturers and different products that enable access sharing in vast amount of application areas.

The Bitwards technology is available for all device manufacturers. It is fast and easy to integrate into existing products equipped with Bluetooth or NFC technology and does not need hardware modifications. The Bitwarded products – resources – are fast and easy to install to the existing assets. They are assigned to the correct owner by a simple click in the mobile App and they are ready to be shared.

The products are available directly from the manufacturer’s or Bitwards’ resellers. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales for additional information.