Bitwards and Steerpath start co-operation

The ultimate combination of indoor navigation and mobile access

Bitwards and Steerpath start co-operation.


Bitwards and Steerpath join forces to offer precise indoor navigation and cost-effective and secure access management. The solutions allow customers to improve the utilization and user experience in their facilities and enable new services leveraging modern digital technologies.

The companies offer their technologies as white-labeled solutions or mobile SDK’s that can be implemented into the customers’ mobile applications. These technologies enable on-line and in App booking functionalities, navigation, and guidance to the booked assets, completely keyless and hands-free access with occupancy and utilisation related analytics.

The technologies enable a total and completely automated booking process with a seamless end-user experience — a single app and user interface that allows the end-users to book, find, access, and enjoy the spaces within the desired facilities.

The companies continuously develop their technologies to offer new features, unmatched user-friendliness, adaptability, and precision for their services. The combination of high-tech and modern technologies provide customers with cost-effective and scalable solutions and hands-on tools to take their customers to the next level.


To learn more, please contact:

Bitwards – Eljas Saastamoinen, CEO, Co-Founder, +358 10 201 0022

Steerpath – Tuomas Ilola, CEO, +358 40 548 8190

The technologies enable a total and completely automated booking process with a seamless end-user experience

About Bitwards:

Bitwards develops digital access solutions and technologies that allow companies, communities, and individual people to leverage the digital transformation. The company’s headquarter is in Helsinki, Finland, and it has a long history and extensive experience in digital access control, IT, and mobile development. 

The Bitwards Access Platform offers two primary digital services – Bitwards Access Sharing and the Bitwards Mobile-ID service. Bitwards also builds an ecosystem of various device manufacturers and system providers, providing multiple solutions for multiple markets and application areas.

For more information on the products and services visit: 


About Steerpath:

Steerpath Ltd. provides professional indoor navigation and positioning technology to mobile application vendors. Easy to integrate Steerpath navigation and positioning solutions add value to applications through the use of guidance, search, and contextually relevant information.

For more information on the products and services visit:

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